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Peace,Love and Joy. what a Blessing.
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spacer Don and Margaret The Lord has blessed you with this cabin and in return you are paying it forward and blessed me and my wife Barb. I am also sure a lot of other couples and families by sharing this beautiful cabin with all of us. This is the first time we have stayed at a cabin like this and was totally blessed and pleased. The cabin was set up perfectly and close to all kinds of attractions. The time we had there brought us both peace, love, and joy. We hope to return in the near future. I believe everyone should enjoy this beautiful cabin and blessing that comes with it. P.S Thank you for the quick response to the internet issue. God Bless you and you family Fritz & Barb Rothman from Dundee Michigan.

Fritz & Barb Rothman - Dundee Michigan
Dates of Stay:  8-1-2014 - 8-7-2014

Perfect Getaway
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spacer This cabin is the perfect getaway. The unique layout adds so much to the character. We were extremely impressed with how clean and well maintained it is. The morning sun rise over the mountains is awesome. We were less than 10 minutes away from the resturants and attractions of Pigeon Forge. We could enjoy the city and then have an peaceful evening in a quiet mountain valley with only the sounds of nature around us. If you want a vacation that will stand out in your memory, you will not be able to beat the Golden Memories cabin. Once you have stayed here, you will be planning a return trip.

Darrell and Karen Arwood - Morristown, TN
Dates of Stay:  Feb 5th - 7th, 2013

Simply the BEST!!!
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spacer We stayed for a week and though we had great fun in the smokies, I think the time spent in this wonderful cabin were the best of all! The mountian views across the open meadows, the wild turkeys roaming, the horses grazing on the hill above. Sitting on the front deck, grilling out, and ohhhh, the hot tub after a day of hiking or rafting. The place is just beautiful. the kitchen was well supplied and convenient, I felt so at home cooking there. The pool table was so nice to have there, to relax around. Great shower. All the ameniteies they promise are there and in tip top shape. And tho we never actually met the owners, they were more than nice and all dealings with them were A1. The most wonderful thing you will find about this cabin is that its a studio - don't let that throw you for a moment! the luxury of that great big room, high ceilings, the open feel, looking up and all around the room from the bed at night, with the moonlight peeking in the windows was incredible. So very romantic and just a feel you don't get any in your sectioned-off home and certainly not even the most luxurious of hotels - you have to experience it!! Just so you know this is a real review by a real customer, I will add: bring your own towels - theirs are a bit scratchy, and; The beautiful wood frame bed has a matress that sags a bit to the middle....then, that only made us sleep closer together ;) The availability of this very cabin will be a big consideration for my trip planning the next time I visit the Smokies! Sincerely, Erin

Mike & Erin - Florida
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 04/25/09 Review Submitted: 05/27/10

Always Remember
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spacer We had a great time and enjoyed the cabin! Something we will always remember!

Bruce - Tennessee
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 12/27/09 Review Submitted: 12/26/09

We had Wonderful Stay!
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spacer We stayed at this wonderful cabin to celebrate my husbands birthday, and our upcoming 3rd wedding anniversary. After a hard and stressful 2009 we needed to get away. This beautiful cabin was exactly what we needed! Donn and his brother Mark were awesome when we had a little problem with the heat. They were so nice acted quickly and stayed in close contact with us and made sure we were comfortable and the problem was resolved quickly. We could not have asked for better service! The cabin is beautifully decorated, equipped with everything you need. As Donn and Margaret says just bring your clothes and food and some good movies and you are set. We definitely want to come back and recommend a stay at Golden Memories to anyone who wants a nice comfortable place to spend some time off in East Tennessee.

Brenda and Dwayne J. - Tennessee
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 01/12/10 Review Submitted: 01/12/10

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Very Pleasent Experience!
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spacer Don, I am happy to leave a comment about our stay at your cabin. The view of the mountains from your hot tub is hard to imagine and it make it makes for a very pleasant experience. The cabin is very nice and very well decorated. Another thing that my husband enjoyed is not having to climb to the top of a mountain to get to the cabin. Thanks Connie

Connie V. - Tennessee
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 01/23/10 Review Submitted: 01/23/10

Very Affordable!
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spacer My wife and I made a last minute decision to get away for the weekend of Jan 22-24th. We had the privilege of staying at this cabin. It had all the amenities anyone could ever want or need. The bed was comfortable, cable tv (flat screen), utensils in kitchen, towels, gas fire place, hot tub, open floor plan, pool table, and a washer/dryer. We made wonderful memories in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. This is a place we would definitely consider staying again and it was very affordable.

John W - Tennessee
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 01/31/10 Review Submitted: 01/31/10

Beautiful Decorated
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spacer This cabin is beautifully decorated. We loved that it was all one level as my husband has knee problems. The hot tub is wonderful! It appeared to be brand new. We would stay again.

Brooke9 - S. C.
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 02/16/10 Review Submitted: 02/16/10

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spacer The cabin was beautifully decorated! We had a wonderful time! We have stayed at a number of cabins over the years and found this to be one of the best. Wears Valley is by far our favorite area in the Smokies. We would highly recommend this cabin and look forward to staying again!

Peggy N. - Indiana
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 03/22/10 Review Submitted: 03/31/10

Wonderful Time!
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spacer We loved it!!! We had such a great time! Everything was so nice and well maintained. Driving directions were so clear. Your cabin will be our first choice for another get away. Thank you!

Dana & Vitalis - Tennessee
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 04/22/10 Review Submitted: 05/19/10

Beyond Relaxing!
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spacer I genuinely can't say enough wonderful things about the Golden Memories cabin. It was spotlessly clean down to every last detail which means a lot to my husband and I when we vacation. We had never rented a home before this trip and Donn had wonderful communication before we arrived which made me feel completely comfortable. All of the descriptions that Donn gives are true so I won't repeat what has already been said but I would like to include a few things that aren't discussed in the listing. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are extremely busy places and all of the rentals seemed like they would just be looking at other homes and businesses. Golden Memories is less than ten minutes from Pigeon Forge and under fifteen minutes from Gatlinburg but completely removed from all the touristy hustle and bustle. There just wasn't anything more relaxing than sitting in the hot tub on the deck in the afternoons with the horses to our right and staring out at nothing but trees and mountains. The wireless internet worked great inside the cabin and on the deck and our AT&T cell phones had perfect reception at the cabin but we didn't have reception at some places in town. There is a Kroger on your way into Pigeon Forge that was extremely convenient to stop and pick all of our groceries up at. Overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Golden Memories. After four nights at this cabin we left as relaxed as we did after vacations that were ten times more expensive. Go and enjoy!!

Cathy & Dominic - Chicago, IL
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 05/09/10 Review Submitted: 05/15/10

Great Place - Everything its advertised to be...
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spacer PERFECT! That's how my wife and I would describe our week at Golden Memories. What a great place to recharge our 31 year long marriage & to reconnect after her year in nursing school. Great sunrises, quite times with the Lord and with each other. Thanks so much. We'll more than likely be back.

Jlo - Tennessee
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 09/19/10 Review Submitted: 10/13/10

Best Place We Every Stayed!!!
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spacer My wife and I come to the mountains every year for our anniversary each year we have chosen a different cabin to stay at. This cabin is by far the very best we have ever found! We will hopefully be staying at Golden Memories from now on provided it is available for our anniversary! We spent countless hours on the front porch enjoying the great view of cove mountain, reading books, rocking in the rocking chairs and just talking. The hot tub is a real treat! One day the horses were in the pasture out front and came by to say hello, what a kick! Most evenings we spent grilling on the porch but on one occasion we made a trip to the local rib joint and got a carry out. The ribs were out of this world good! Just a terrific relaxing place to spend some great quaility time together! Just what the doctor ordered! We are already making plans for our next stay at Golden Memorie Cabin!

Jimmy J - Ohio
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 03/07/11 Review Submitted: 03/23/11

Great Location!
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spacer This was a unique cabin and we enjoyed our stay here. It is very close to the Great Smokie Mountain National Park on one side and the excitement and business of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg on the other side. The cabin was very clean and they gave us attentive service as well. Well worth the 12 hour drive from Orlando: we will be back!

Tina - Orlando
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 10/09/10 Review Submitted: 11/01/10

Great Weekend!!!
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spacer We spent a weekend at this cabin and it was truly great! The only thing was we did not get to stay long enough. The bed is really comfortable. We loved the jacuzzi and the hot tub! Nothing better than to pop a movie in the Dvd and watch it on the large TV. Hubby enjoyed shooting a game of pool. The cabin is beautifully decorated, all the furnature and things appeared to be new and in very good condition. I cooked our favorite dish and found the kitchen to be well stocked with everything I needed. This cabin is really unique and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice weekend to getaway! We can't wait to come back and stay again!

Para Doves!
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 03/05/11 Review Submitted: 03/23/11

A memorable stay at Golden Memories!
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spacer We spent 11 nights at Golden Memories in late November. The cabin is beautiful, spacious, and very comfortable. The kitchen proved quite adequate for meal preparation, including Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Bath, on the other hand, is rather cramped; and would be nice to have a dresser in addition to the two closets for storing clothes out of sight. I can imagine missing the option of opening windows in warmer weather; all those wonderful windows are non-opening units. The cabin site is not as isolated as we might have wished, but certainly an advantage not to negotiate narrow, twisting roads to access a property farther up the mountain, especially for winter visitors. The view of mountains across the valley from the rockers on the deck is certainly memorable. Our dog very much enjoyed the visit, too; the spacious deck was a great place for napping, and the horses in the adjacent field were welcome companions. The gas fireplace was very pleasant on chilly fall mornings and for romantic evenings. The hot tub on the deck effectively soothed aching muscles after the day's exertions. The Wears Valley location cannot be beat for convenient access to the entire area. It's a short drive over Little Greenbrier Gap to Little River Road in the heart of the Park. If you want Pigeon Forge's unique combination of Las Vegas and a carnival, it's only 10 minutes to the east. On the other hand, if you want considerably less traffic and neon, Townsend is only a 10 minute drive west. It's possible to access everything in the Park from Wears Valley, avoiding the blight of Pigeon Forge entirely, though some sites on the eastern side of the Park do require a slow drive through Gatlinburg. Visitors should not miss driving the Foothills Parkway, and should drive at least a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway as well. Visiting Cades Cove is a must, but be sure to venture off the paved road to tour Tremont, Parsons Branch, and Rich Mountain roads. The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is newly paved and quite wonderful (more historic sites and a beautiful drive along a rushing stream), well worth the drive through Gatlinburg to reach it. Cataloochee was another new discovery on this trip--more remote than Cades Cove and considerably less crowded, with the added bonus of a resident elk herd.

Dog Owner - Ohio
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 11/18/10 Review Submitted: 12/06/10

Golden Memories Cabin well worth the drive!
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spacer We truly enjoyed our stay at Golden Memories. We drove from Indiana and love the cabin, the owner, Donn and his brother were great at helping us with anything. There was a beautiful snowfall and it was right after Christmas when we arrived which was perfect. The mountain view was wonderful. I liked that we had the view but didn't have to climb up in the Mountains on trecherous roads. Alot of people were getting stuck or couldn't get to their cabins but we had no problem. It is also located in the very gorgeous Wears Valley area. Their are quaint little shops to stop in and enjoy. It's not that far from Pigeon Forge though. Maybe 8-10 miles. Well worth it. We are staying again in a couple of months and can't wait. Thanks again for everything! Dana

Hoosiers - Indiana
Dates of Stay:  Date of Stay: 12/27/10 Review Submitted: 01/03/11

We highly recommend Golden Memories!
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spacer Thank you Donn & Margaret for allowing us to stay at your wonderful cabin, Golden Memories! When we arrived Thursday night and walked in we were struck by the openness of the space! We have stayed at many vacation properties over the years, but never have we stayed anywhere that was this spacious! The décor was fantastic. Very tasteful. We found the cabin very convenient to town and yet it had the feel of being out and away from it all! The view was very nice overlooking the meadow (one morning we even saw some wild turkeys at the far end!) and the mountains were great with the snow that fell while we were here. We appreciated the easy access. We managed to get out with our two wheel drive car when many of the area’s roads were still closed! The evening spent in front of the fireplace as the snow fell outside will always be a golden memory! The hot tub on the porch was a neat place to enjoy the falling snow as well! We feel very lucky to have hit the weather just right! We’re thinking of returning next summer or maybe in the fall to catch the leaves turning! We really enjoyed our stay at your cabin and highly recommend it!

Sandy P - Penns Landing

Wonderful weekend, just wasn't long enough!
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spacer We just checked out of this sweet cabin this morning, and oh how we wanted to be able to stay longer! Everything was perfect about the cabin, there is nothing we could have asked for. Thank you for putting your guests comfort high on your list of things to accomplish, as prior rental cabin owners ourselves, we understand very well the TLC that goes into making your cabin as comfortable and inviting as it is. Hats off to you both and we very much hope to be able to come and stay again, but for a longer period this time. Best Regards

Sweet Pea - Georgia

Absolutely Wonderful!!!
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spacer This was the first time we rented a cabin and we were extremely happy with everything. Donn and his brother, Mark were wonderful. The cabin is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Very peaceful location. We loved sitting in the hot tub at night and watching the fire flies in the trees. We definitely did not want to leave and come back to the real world. Thanks again Donn and Mark for the wonderful experience.

Tamie - N Carolina

More than expected
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spacer We thank you greatly for allowing us to enjoy "Golden Memories". The cabin was emaculate and definitely alot more than we expected. It has made our home away from home! Our first night here we were forunate enough to get a visit from the neighbors horses. The bed was very comfortable that I actually feel asleep the minute I layed down. This could very well be the most confortable bed we've ever slept in. Much like the previous guests, the hot tub was in use most of the time (by my husband). The surrounding areas were perfect and the drive to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg weren't too far and inconvenient. We loved having a "secluded" cabin as oppossed to the ones we've seen online. Kudos to the choice of location. Overall, we will recommend you to our family and friends. Maybe even plan a group trip. until then... Thank you!

B & G

30th Anniversary
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spacer You really know how to keep your guests happy! Our every wish was met from the corkscrew to the wine glasses! Your cabin is utterly beautiful! (want to sell it?) The view is spectacular! And evn tho we were celebrating our 30th anniversary here - we still made good use of the honeymoon jacuzzi, the hot tub and the pool table! Thank you for our most memorable vacation in the smokies! ps. saw a bear up close in Cades Cove!

George & Susan - Alabama

8th Anniversary
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spacer My husband and I are very happy we chose to stay at "Golden Memories"! We loved the view of the mountain. The secluded setting was very peaceful. Thanks for making our 8th anniversary special!

Carl & Ashley - Michigan

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